Reaching Goals - Mastering Challenges Together

Are you...

...a professional person? Do you want to advance your career ?

Then your ability to communicate clearly and impressively in English is very important. academic or scientist attending a conference? Do you want to present your ideas or research results to an international audience ?

Then you need the language that will make your talk or paper clear, easily comprehensible and interesting. executive attending an international trade show or conference? Do you want to find new business partners and win new clients ?

Then you need to be persuasive in your presentations and conversation.

...a student? Do you need to pass the TOEFL test to study at an American or international university ?

Then you need to know what the testers are looking for in order to get the highest grade possible.

My students come to me with challenges they want to master, and we work together to achieve those important goals. The individual needs of my students are my most important consideration in designing my courses. Your needs.

Let me help you work toward the goals that are important to making your life what you want it to be.